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Things that go slash Things that go slash

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


I'm sorry, nice drawings, but first of all:

preview your submission on a decent monitor. The whole thing is way too dark and I had to turn my monitor's brightness way up to even see it. Don't worry, it's a mistake we all make though.


it starts off very promising, but then it ends very abrubtly. It made me ask myself, what is the point of this movie?

All style but no content.

Boojamon responds:

I'm sure you appreciate why it took so long to me to respond. There is nothing to retaliate to... mainly becasue you have been so nice about negative comments. At least the movie made you ask something of yourself... that is an aspect that all film makers attempt to get... but you probably meant that in a negative sense so.... oh well.

The moniter I do have is perfectly fine, thank you... all though my vision isn't all that good...hehe... Maybe I need some new eyes.

Well, got to go, I've heard they do organs on ebay...

Sporkfest Sporkfest

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great work Sluggy, and bappy birthday Spork

Great work as usual Sluggy, but if I were you I'd resume your NG boycott. These losers wouldn't know a quality animation if it bit them in the ass (especially Naz_1 => What, do all flash animations have to be clichéd animé/matrix rip-offs with Counterstrike sound effects to be good? Grow up you dunce).

anyway, good animation. Way to go.

TmsT responds:

Hey, let's not be too hasty, Cholerae. You forgot that they ALSO need Sprites from Mario and Final Fantasy to be good.
Sheesh. How dare you call yourself a Flash animator. How *DARE* you.

Mulletboy in "FROGGED" Mulletboy in "FROGGED"

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good show as usual

Hehe, good animation. I know for a fact that he hand-drew it, so that's double special!

Can't wait to see when you'll flash-ize Mulletboy's Lord of the Ringtones...